Short Screenplay Workshop in September!

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Taught by Ron Lechler
September 8th – September 29th
8pm – 10pm
Limited openings!!!

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This introductory workshop will cover topics including inspiration and the genesis of ideas, screenplay format, narrative structure, and giving effective feedback. We’ll stress the importance of visual storytelling and explore the nature of the creative process.

I reached out to Jen to lead a screenplay workshop so I could teach writing without the formalities of the university setting. In fact, “teach” totally isn’t the right word. I don’t want to teach so much as I want to facilitate learning.

The workshop will be seminar-style where we’ll discuss concepts and arrive at ideas together. We’ll be screening some examples, participating in group discussions, and working together on writing exercises. I’ll also be sharing resources that you’ll be able to utilize after the end of the workshop. Our meetings will prioritize what we can learn from each other so we can collectively grow as writers and artists.

Over the course of four weeks, everyone will generate a short script (somewhere between two and eight pages). Feel free to come with ideas or without. We’re starting from scratch and be going through the entire process: conception, writing, feedback, and re-writing. Previous experience is non-essential but open minds and enthusiasm are mandatory.

Hosted: Ron Lechler, Former Teacher / Current Mess

Ron Lechler is a writer and comedian and good-idea-machine. He has an MFA from the University of North Texas and also taught screenwriting there for two years. His work has been mentioned in Variety and featured in The Journal of Short Film. This year, he self published his book The Lost Inventions of Nikola Tesla. He also co-hosts a podcast called The Twilight Zone Zone.

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