May Workshops & Classes Happening at Book Show!!

We have some incredible and diverse classes and workshops being offered here in May!


Wednesday May 25th


Another awesome evening put together by Los Angeles Poet Society founder Jessica Wilson Cardenas!!! This time around it is a poetry workshop!!!!!!

Exploring Stream of Consciousness through the HUMUMENT!

Bringing new life to old pages, this workshop fuses the concepts of the “Found Poem”, with the Beat Generation’s method of Stream of Consciousness, into the world of the Human Document = HUMUMENT. Students will enjoy letting go of the reigns of their creative will, and give themselves over to their subconscious. This workshop will allow us to create new art and new poetry from old pages, via physically drawing on top of the old. Get ready for an interactive workshop inspired by Tom Phillips’ Humument, and find out what’s really on your mind!

$5 suggested donation. All proceeds go to the Los Angeles Poet Society!!!

Jessica’s Bio:
Jessica M. Wilson is the Founder and President of the Los Angeles Poet Society. She is a Beat Poet, with her MFA from Otis College of Art and Design, where she studied with Paul Vangelisti, and her BA from UC Riverside, where she studied under the wing of a Muse named Maurya Simon. She is honored to be a Poet Teacher and Area Coordinator for California Poets in the Schools. She is an activist and surrealist artist. Jessica is part of the world movement, 100 Thousand Poets for Change, organizing community events in LA; she also is part of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade in LA and dedicates her words to the freedom of Mohammad ibn Al Ajami, Ashraf Fayadh, and other humans being repressed and denied the right to speak their truth. Her new book of poetry, Serious Longing, is published by Swan World Press, in Paris, France, and is available now, which happily makes her an International Poet!


“What are tunnel books?” you may be asking yourself. “Tunnel books or peep shows are a series of cut-paper panels placed one behind the other, creating the illusion of depth and perspective. Often, these are engineered like an accordion, with the two boards pulling apart and the illustrated panels lined up.” as defined by the Smithsonian Library. This creative book form not only has a rich history dating back to the 18th century when these books were used to replicate theatrical stages, or commemorate events, but many book artists use it to this day.

In this one day workshop, students will learn the mechanics of this structure, and create one of a kind artist books using collage and mixed media techniques. This is the perfect workshop for artists who want to explore new mediums and means of presentation, or for anyone with a creative spirit who wants to have some fun!

Tickets are $25.
Snacks and materials will be provided; just bring yourself, your friends, and your imagination!

Space is limited so snag your seat now! Link to pay and reserve CLICK HERE!

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