February 27th is the next CARD PLAYERS CLUB!

Join us for this month’s BOOK SHOW CARD PLAYERS CLUB! 


8pm to 10pm

Seats are limited. Pay and reserve your spot HERE!

We will be learning and playing..



Oh Hell first appeared in the 1930’s in London and America. There are numerous variations to the game. It is also known by Blackout, Bust and Oh Pshaw.

The game is simple to learn but surprisingly difficult to win, Oh Hell is a trick-taking game played in a set number of rounds. In order to score points, you must declare how many tricks you will take at the beginning of the round, then make that bid exactly. It is a fun fast game that those who enjoy sabotaging other players hands will especially enjoy.

We will go over the rules in detail the night of and do a few practice games and then jump on in!

The cocktails of the evening are Greyhounds and Salty Dogs!!!

Snacks will be served!

Reserve your seat here!

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