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Adrian Ernesto Cepeda “Flashes & Verses…Becoming Attraction” Release

June 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

There is already buzz on Adrian’s first poetry collection, here are some reviews of Flashbacks & Verses… Becoming Attractions:

“This expansive, generous, collection is, at its heart, a love letter—it’s a love letter to movie stars and musicians, to poets and barbers, to art and margaritas and typewriters and birds; it’s a love letter to the English language and the Spanish language, to any language and its possibilities; it’s a love letter to Southern California and to the body, a love letter to longing and to doubt, a love letter to love and love and love and, always, love. With Flashes & Verses…Becoming Attractions, Adrian Ernesto Cepeda has written a beautiful, stirring love letter to us all.”

  • Gayle Brandeis, author of The Selfless Bliss of the Body

​“Adrian Cepeda’s explosive poetry collection overflows with undiluted passion for living – for eureka moments of brightly splashed colors in sound, sight, smell, taste and touch. If these poetic offerings do not awaken or reawaken whatever emotions have been sleeping inside the reader, I don’t know what would.”

  • Barbara Moore, author of Dancing on Broken Glass

“The formal range and subject matter of Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s Flashes and Verses is wide and dazzling: from the songs of David Bowie to the poetics of stammering, from the exhilaration of desire to the disquieting joys of camping, from the infinite layers of childhood to the thingness of umbrellas–and that’s just grazing the surface. Throughout, Cepeda’s relationship to the poetic image is precise and exuberant. If you care about life and language, the eclectic richness of this book will give you great pleasure.”

  • Alistair McCartney, author of The Disintegrations

“From Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra, Cepeda spits out love rhymes like a “religion on free verse”.”

  • Claudia D. Hernández, Recipient of the 2018 Louise Meriwether First Book Prize

“Adrian Cepeda’s poesia will draw you in immediately- Eros permeates each poema, balanced with an intelligent awareness. Yet Eros, the erotic, remains his Goddess, his guide, and she’ll become yours as you read. My advice- draw a warm/hot bath, sprinkle rose petals, perfume the water with rose essence- a glass of champagne with raspberries floating. Now read…float, drink. Read each poema out loud…another glass of champagne. Sip slowly. Let the words, Eros, fill your mouth.” 

  • Alma Luz Villanueva, author of Desire, Gracias, Vida and Weeping Woman: La Llorona and Other Stories


June 16, 2018
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm