Announcing the FIRST MEETING of the CARD PLAYERS CLUB!!!

american-photographer-playing-cards-in-a-western-saloon-c-1900Announcing the first gathering of the

Book Show Card Players Club

Saturday January 23rd
$20 to reserve a seat

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Welcome to the Book Show Card Players Club!!

The Book Show card club is an monthly social gathering where we will learn the history and rules of a card game and play it whilst drinking specialty cocktails and eating hor d’oeuvres from the era the game was popular.

The number of seats available each gathering will be determined depending on what game we are featuring that evening. Seats will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.

Well… what are we playing?

This month’s card game is…

(pronounced pan-ginn-gay)

Panguingue (“Pan”) is a game similar to rummy. It likely originated in the Philippines and was a popular game in the mid-nineteenth century to the early 1900’s, almost exclusively it seems, in the Western territories of the United States, where it became a staple in gambling halls and casinos. It is still played in a few casinos in California and South Florida!

We will stay true to the game’s history and will play for stakes! Each player will be given a set amount of chips to play with at the beginning and the person with the most at the end gets a prize (compliments Book Show)!

The objective of Pan is to be the first player to meld eleven cards. The winner of each hand collects chips from all different kinds of sources. So it is good to win!

Pan is played with eight regular 52 card decks with the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s removed. Aces are ranked low, and the 7 is in sequence with the Jack.

Players ante and are dealt ten cards. You have the option to fold, but there is a penalty you must pay that gets added to the ante.

Like most rummy games players take turns choosing either from the stock or discard pile in an effort to make melds.

Some exciting twists:
There are a few special rules for drawing cards. In Pan, you never add a card to your hand. A card taken from the stock must be immediately melded. And a card taken from the discard pile can only be used to increase your existing melds.

You can only build on your own melds, but may split melds into two or borrow a card or cards from existing melds as you go along!

Certain types of melds are “Konditions” and result in immediate payment of chips from other players. For example, a sequence starting with an ace or ending with a king earns one chip from each player, two if the suit is spades.

There are additional Konditions that we will learn when we meet!

Pan has its own cool lingo! Click here for a glossary.

There are a few more essential components to the game but we will get into that on the night we meet.

Don’t worry. This is merely a brief intro. We will go over all the details, rules, game play and lingo during the first part of our gathering, and probably play a few practice rounds before tossing any chips on the table!!!

The specialty cocktail of the month will be announced as we get closer to our gathering. Also, please know I will be offering beverages of the non-alcoholic variety for those who do not partake. No one will leave thirsty! Oh… and there will be snacks, era specific if do-able!


If all seats are full and you would like to be put on the wait list please click here to email me!

We meet at Book Show located at 5503 N. Figueroa St, 90042

ps… If you get on our Card Players Club mailing list, you get a heads up on reserving a seat at our monthly gatherings!

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