About Book Show

Book Show strives to keep the art of the printed word and alive and rejuvenate the joy of browsing  by offering an interactive creative retail space designed for the curious mind.

BOOK SHOW offers new and used books, especially in the areas of affordable offbeat vintage books, fanzines, local and independent presses and authors. We love odd, unknown, fringe, quirky.

Books are organized and arranged in unique inspired ways—from unconventional shelving to non-traditional bookstore genres and displays. The ultimate goal is to get you to interact with not just the book or subject you are looking for, but also discover what is around it.

BOOK SHOW hosts readings, workshops, performances and anything else our creative community can dream up. Our space is a salon, a communal gathering space in which ideas, thoughts and opinions can be freely exchanged on an intimate stage.

The name BOOK SHOW stems from Jen’s lifelong interest in the history of carnivals, sideshows and roadside attractions. These establishments were created by entrepreneurial, independent spirits. They were designed to draw patrons from their mundane everyday lives and into a imaginative space full of art, natural and technological wonders and fringe performance. BOOK SHOW captures this spirit in its showcase for the physical book, an irreplaceable physical art form in an increasingly intangible digital world.